Teaching with DCAF

DCAF is a tool that we have been piloting in a range of teaching and learning contexts. Below are some example workshops and activities that you can adapt to your own context or teaching situation.

How to understand where your students are at with digital
This activity uses the DCAF as a tool to discover which areas of digital practice your students understand, care about and need support with. It’s a great way to foster constructive discussion about the digital in general.

How students can use DCAF to plan project work
This activity uses the DCAF as a  tool to bridge between students’ project aims and the practicalities of collaborative working online. It’s a useful way to support reflection as well as planning.

Mapping digital practices
This is a workshop designed to help students reflect on and visualise, their online activity which is then mapped against the DCAF to highlight practices they want to develop further.

Using the DCAF survey to track student progression
You can use the DCAF survey to track students’ progress over their learning journey, and see how their perceptions of and confidence in, their digital practices has changed over time.


DCAF Handbook (PDF 4MB)

DCAF Grid (PDF 542KB)

DCAF Elements Cards (40mb)

DCAF Map 1 (PDF 1.4MB)

DCAF Map 2 (PDF 1.4MB)